New Building Projects

Our shipyard program offers a wide range of new vessel construction and reconstruction activities. We are specialized in construction of Landing craft vessels and we offer dedicated and full-time supervision for each vessel under construction. We maintain full focus on the entire building process, frequently catching up with the surveyors and actively managing the planning, building and Budgeting of the vessels through which we maintain the quality standard in Ship building and ensure timely completion of the projects. We can fulfill a broad range of requirements and provide a variety of solutions. We are continually involved in negotiations for all types of new vessels and provide maximum benefit to the vessel owners.
We take ownership of the situation and the initiative to make things happen. Our Newbuilding team fully manages the operation on our client’s behalf, from start to finish. We work closely with designers and shipyards around the world to find the best solution for our clients and at the best possible price.

Request A Vessel

If you don't find a vessel for your requirement, please fill the form and we will try to find one that is matching your requirement from our extenssive client and partners list.