Sale & Purchase

Ships or vessels are the largest and most expensive structures made by man. Hence the process of their sale and purchase requires accurate commercial precision. The ship sale and purchase market is cyclical and volatile. The sale and purchase trading conditions vary according to many factors including global economic conditions. We provide a platform to those Companies that possess vessels they might be interested to sell and those who are considering buying such vessels. We keep a track of sales and prices to provide a professional service to the principles. We provide a wide network of vessels comprising of general cargo vessels, bulk carriers, container vessels, ro-ro's, multi-purpose ships, tankers, offshore support vessels, tugs, barges, accommodation/ jack up barges, . We provide wide range of services like newbuilding contracts, second hand sale and purchases as well as recycling of vessels.
We provide following services
  • Wide network/ list of vessels available for sale, resale, recycle
  • List of new build vessels under various stages of constructions at Renowned yards worldwide
  • Assist in contract negotiation
  • Drafting recap of agreement and preparation of MOA
  • Ensure all documentations are completely carried out in line with the Contract
  • Helps in inspections/ evaluation surveys (Physical inspection and inspection of ships certificates/ class records)

Request A Vessel

If you don't find a vessel for your requirement, please fill the form and we will try to find one that is matching your requirement from our extenssive client and partners list.